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Shanties History

These shanties have seen Mother Nature at her best and her worst. Hurricane winds and tides that are blown in from the south of Monomoy end up here in the river. It has been over 50 years since these buildings have seen this much water.

About Our Location

Here you will find one of Chatham’s most accessible outlets to salt water, nestled among its many waterways. Located at 391 Barn Hill Road to the left of the town boat ramp, there is public and private parking available. Please be advised that the town parking lot requires a town sticker on your vehicle to park there. Local wildlife abounds, as well as summer beach life with locals and tourists alike. Boating is a way of life here in the summer on Oyster River. Wildlife here is part of local conservation — our shores are a spectacular sanctuary for birds and sea life as well an after afternoon picnic on a riverside beach. We are not a public beach, but rather privately owned land offering access to one of the most unique waterways not only of Chatham, but of Cape Cod as well.


We are always happy to extend a handshake to new visitors and welcome back old friends.


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Latest Project

Mr. McGrath is in the process of rebuilding the foundation that once held the building to its full 2-story height. It was knocked out from underneath the building by a hurricane tide that enabled a town float to break free from its roped position across the river. With the high course tide, the float found its resting spot well above the concrete platform used for parking on the shanty property, while riding out the weather of the storm. With the combination of wind and tide, it chipped away at the cinder block foundation until it crumbled an entire wall out from under the building.


The town and conservation regulations have changed over the years with the intent to improve our surroundings. It is the hope of the Chatham Kayak Company that we can stay not only within the guidelines of the rules and regulations, but also to keep it in keeping with the history of its neighboring buildings — and the history in the making of the graciously inherited Gould Shanty.

Special Interest

In 2007 the town of Chatham was host to movie maker and director Daniel Adams, who made a film based on a story written by the famous novelist Joseph C. Lincoln. The movie title had several names before finally being called “The Golden Boys” with Bruce Dern, Rip Torn, and David Carradine. This location in Chatham was also part of the filming in the movie.


In the Spring of 2015, these Shanties were also part of another movie due to come out at a later date called “A Year by the Sea” with Karen Allen starring. This is based on a novel by Joan Anderson.


Hurrah for Oyster River Shanties you made the big time!